With the weather showing no mercy whatsoever, all of us are just looking for ways to dress light (or jump into a bucket of ice, whichever’s easier). The poor souls who don’t find a bucket in their size end up ‘customizing’ wardrobes to avoid the heat as much as possible. Be it choosing lighter fabrics like linen, staying away from denims or wearing lungis, we all have adapted these changes into our ensembles. One of the most common practices that men do (in the summers and otherwise) is to roll up their sleeves. As simple as it sounds, you should know the correct technique to get it right! So read on below for three different ways to roll ’em up in style!

1. The Master Roll/Italian Roll

Ever wondered what those contrast inner cuffs on your shirts are for? Well, let the Italian roll will answer that for you!

Benefits: Easy to adjust and unfold.






2. The Casual Roll

This is the basic sleeve roll which men do on a daily basis or when they step out after work. It may be basic, but you can still get it wrong! So read on carefully.

Benefits: Involves the least folding and easiest to unfold without wrinkles.



3. The Marine Roll

Apt for those performing physical activities, the name of this particular roll comes from…well, the Marines.


This type of sleeve roll will look especially good when you are layering your shirt over a basic tee. The best part is you can do this with all kinds of full sleeve shirts.

Benefits: Simple yet smart.



P.S.: It’s always easier to do the Marine roll before you wear the shirt!


So which roll did you like the most? Which one do you think suits your personality best? Tell us in the comments section below!

Image credit: Art of Manliness, Esquire, 11 Alive