Fancy a world tour? Follow the fashion week, we say! Over the past month, it has taken us from New York to London, Milan to Paris, and now back home for Amazon India Fashion Week.

Here’s who attended the show – Upcoming designers, fashion bloggers, the fashion-socialites and then a few of us, fashion curious peeps. We saw a lot happening on the runway, and then even more on the streets.

All that staring did us some good – and we hope it would do you some, too! We watched, noted, and zero’d on 5 looks that we think, won over the streets. We are sure it will win your hearts too!



Good news for the boho queens! Colourful tie-dyes and handloom stripes in free-flowing silhouettes ruled big on the streets.

Hey there, you look a bit distracted? Must be the crazy socks with ruffles that, by the way, caught our attention too! Looks exactly like the kind we wore as kids, doesn’t it? Check out the pair of tie-dye socks that’s equally creative!



Will stripes ever go out of style? We see no chance of that happening anytime soon. You’ll spot them on tees, shirt dresses and on separates. Point to note – this season, let the stripes run the full course from top to bottom! If not stripes, any colour/pattern that runs through-out your outfit will do, too. Think matching separates as well. Wide-leg pants with tie-up detail have made their way through as well.



This one ring a bell? Yup, the statement sleeves that we spoke about last year – look where they are now! Making statements at the fashion week! Though the image on the left looks a lot like “Dilophosaurus” to us 😀 (Jurassic fans, anyone?)

Guess what else is going statement this time. Glasses and hair colour with tints! Go as crazy as you can with colours and you’ll be fine!



Ok, so there are some of us who have so much to say that we could do so with our threads! Look at those badges…versatile that they are, you could put nearly anything on them –  think graphics of your fav accessories or the food you love!

You can go as OTT as the diva on the left or as subdued as our bruh on the right.



Formal/clean trousers with quirky graphic tees work like a charm! Pair them with trainers, colourful sneakers or boots. The key is to keep things calm with bottoms and go loud on the top. Try statement shirts, highlighted hair and don’t shy away from carrying a boombox bag!



Denims are here to stay, yet again! Reworked/restyled denim jackets with cute embroidery– we totally adore! This one nails the cute and the bold on the same page! Sassy much?

These are our favourite street styles from the Amazon India Fashion Week. We think there’s one for every one of you, no matter what your style is! So, which ones did you like the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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