The good old 90s era gave us a bundle of memories to cherish – Music for the soul, stars who set trends and a taste of the best in fashion. An evening with bae or watching ‘Friends’, defines the perfect evening for children of the 90s. This was also the time we enjoyed rocking numbers coming from Nirvana, Madonna and oh well… Britney Spears, anyone? Not to forget the thrills of amazing flicks like Goodfellas, Boyz, and Hoods.

Feeling a bit nostalgic, aren’t we?

While the 90s may be gone, they say history has a habit of repeating itself. And these awesome 90’s fashion trends are making a major come-back. If you always had a thing for the 90s fashion, now is the time to re-watch those old favorites and take inspiration from the pros.


Awesome 90's

The whole of the 90s crafted tremendous fashion trends, few of them were maybe a little freaked out, but a lot turned out kinda ‘wow!’ if you ask us, wow enough to find a place on the fashion’s catwalk of fame, so to say.  There are many celebrities – from Madonna to Kelly Bundy – whose sense of style and outfit collections were so gorgeous that they continue to inspire, even today. Here are a few of our personal favourites:


A cool and comfortable pair of jeans is as much a saviour for sudden party plans, as it makes a trendy office look. I mean it’s not like denim can ever go out of fashion. Remember 90s style of MOM jeans that all our lovely Friends cast used to flaunt? Didn’t those look super comfortable & cool? Well, the good news is that MOM jeans are back. Wear them with any cute graphic tee and a pair of platforms to bring back that 90s look.

Awesome 90's

Remember the denim overalls moms used to make us wear for family picnics? Those are back as well, with a few modifications. These overalls are best to go with tees, scrunchies and round sunglasses, for that perfect 90s look!

Awesome 90's


Maxi dresses lend a lovely European-esque vibe. Petite maxi dresses are totally a 90s thing, too! Doubt that? Well, take a trip down memory lane to DDLJ – an all-time favourite flick of nearly every Indian out there! Those maxi dresses, however, have traveled from Kajol to Kangana these days. Grab one of your own and match it with cute 90s combat boots to dive into pure nostalgia.

Awesome 90's


If Peasant tops please you, you aren’t quite alone out there! Do you recall Jennifer Aniston flaunting that beautiful white peasant top ever so perfectly? Similar light-coloured peasant styles are a hit again – nearly as much as they wowed back in the 90s.

Now grab it for that lunch date and we are sure you will steal the spotlight.

Awesome 90's


Indigo, the colour of midnight sky is perfect for those calm, serene feels, so to speak. Back in the 90s, many fashion designers used indigo while putting together a bunch of gypsy looks. An indigo floor-length dress is perfect for any carnival or a weekend plan. It’s back in 2018, and all it awaits for you to pick one up and add a touch of the 90s to your ensemble.

Awesome 90's


The 90s was all about showing your midriff (whether mums approved, or not). Then came along the Spice Girls (remember them?!), and crops were suddenly seen flying out of shelves (and not farms)! Hit the ground, we say – these cuties tops are back in fashion, albeit with minor modifications leading to fancier names such as bustier, bralette etc.

Awesome 90's


Awesome 90's

Hey there, handsome! Turning to boys, who don’t want to be a show’s stopper? If that were the case, 90s trends are a good place to look for inspiration. Their comeback applies to boys as well!

Think younger versions of Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Cruise & David Beckham, and you’d know where we are headed to pick our favourite comeback trends from:


Denim more or less ruled 90s fashion style. From baggy denims to high-waists paired with fun shirts – they were all favourites of 90s boys. One can’t forget the denim shirt with jeans trend? – that’s back now and brings along that awesome 90s vibe!

Awesome 90's


Gimme a High5 (speaking of 90’s!), if you too, felt Goosebumps while watching the movie Speed! Keanu Reeves just killed it in that movie, and if you remember, he looked so dashing in that denim jacket! Go ahead and get yourself one of those dark blue jackets to stand out this season.

Awesome 90's

Don’t forget leather jackets either, lest MJ feels “Bad”! Wearing leather jackets with jeans is trending again. Let that be a homage to our lost icons of pop – George Michael & our ever-so-awesome Michael Jackson. You can even mod it a bit for that cool biker look.

Awesome 90's


Fashion trends come and go, and yet, the classic black? Irreplaceable, we say. Recall the MIB, people? Will Smith making us drool in that dapper black suit. Let that be your inspiration, and we assure you that you are in a safe (and sexy!) place when an occasion pops up all of a sudden.  Just wear one with a crisp white shirt for that exceptional look.

Awesome 90's


Eminem may have run out of tees one day, but as fate would have it, he ended up making oversized T-shirts a big hit in the 90s. OK, we just made that up. If you’d ever wondered how to style your graphic tees, check out the 90s pop culture styles. Oversized T-shirts with graphics or texts trended BIG in the 90s and they are back with some amazing graphic prints. Rap your love boys, with a few amazing, oversized Tees.

Awesome 90's

All in all, the iconic 90’s things are back with many a twist – good ones, in our opinion. All you gotta do is to pick your favourites, mod a little for comfort, if you so wish and remember to have fun with your own vibin’ 90s styles. Get out there and embrace the past.

What’s the first on your list? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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