Hear those bells? Must be Santa around the corner! Hark! Do we see a sack full o’ gifts? Oh Yes! It’s Christmas time!

Go on, call out the myth and burst our bubble, already. And yet, make-believe bits aside, who doesn’t like Christmas with all that hoopla surrounding all things nice?

Amongst the said “all things nice”, the gifts are the nicest bits, aren’t they? And these gifts aren’t a one-way street either.

Ah, do we sense an exasperated reminder? It’s true that while receiving gifts is the fun part, finding gift can be a chore. Moreover, Christmas demands that the gifts you choose better be thoughtful.

Hold on to those horses…err reindeer, and take a deep breath – for we have you covered on this one!


Backpacks, bags and pouches

Christmas Time

Not sure what to gift that pretty one in the neighborhood? Consider backpacks, sling bags and pouches this season! They are every girl’s weak-spot, and no number is ever enough. Here’s a Christmas-y tip – fill them up with coloured candies and you will probably be her best Santa ever.  Oh, and consider mixing a few thoughtful notes while you’re at it!

Fancy scarves

Christmas Time - Fancy Scarves

I have too many scarves, said no girl ever! Picking this every-girl’s favourite accessory is not too difficult either. Pick one in her favourite colour or one that matches with her new dress. Limited imagination hindering a decision? Pick a red one to go with the season! Here’s a pro-tip – throw in a beautiful set of earrings for that added ‘jingle’ J

Cosy sweaters

Christmas Time - Cosy Sweaters

Yes, the season calls for them, and yes, they are easy to find. But here’s a sure-fire way to make this gift interested – gift her a cozy-cute sweater that she would love! Here’s a quick suggestion to add a little extra special bit just for her – throw in a pair of ear-studs to her gift box, and rest assured she will be listening to a lot more of you in the new year!


Patterned T-shirts

Christmas Time - Patterned Sweaters

Don’t know much about a new pal? Worry not and trust prints!

It’s kinda difficult to go wrong with printed tees as they normally are on every guy’s list of favourites. There, that wasn’t tough!

Stylish shirts

Christmas Time - Stylish Shirts

Now one for the partner-in-crime, your bro! You don’t need to go on a treasure hunt looking for the perfect gift. A shirt in denim, plaid or in one of the Christmas shades will be perfect for the season. Look, we both know that it doesn’t matter what you choose, he is going to love it anyway. So, here’s a quick fun trick – pack his gift in a crazy set of multiple boxes just to ensure you keep up the family tradition of troubling the sibling!

Trendy shoes

Christmas Time - Trendy Shoes

Wouldn’t it be just terrific to see a BIG grin on your best bud’s face when he opens your gift? Here’s how to guarantee that – go for these crazy shoes that are quirky and yet, thoughtful. Rest assured that he will be talking/bragging about them for the rest of the season!

Wrap your gifts in sparkly red covers and throw in bow-tie ribbons…red, green and gold are colors to consider, and to ensure the shades reflect the festivities.

Enjoyed the article? Tell us all about the craziest gifts you are giving away this Christmas!