The power of great denims are stronger than kryptonite (read: we’re not kidding). In addition to being a wardrobe staple, denims also have the mastery to serve as a tool of self-expression. Flashback to the 1990s when doodling on your jeans was cool and also resulted in a tight slap from mum *ouch*. Well, now you can show your mum just how cool it is to have doodles all over your clothes- it’s a legit trend!

With a hint of punk reference and a 1980s vibe, this season denim doubles up as a walking sketchbook of sorts. Think doodles, slogans and graphics all sprawled out on cool indigo washes that result in young, bold pieces with lots and lots of attitude. We’re talking raw, DIY-ish and rebellious denims that slightly lean towards anti-culture. What’s to love about these eye-catching deets? For one, they capture a certain zeitgeist, from emotions to favourite bands or even serious and sensitive political sloganeering that make for definite conversation starters.

If you think slogans and doodle prints are better reserved for your tween cousin, then do know that that these “sketchy” statements are a big time runway success. Ellus 2nd Floor and Coca Cola Jeans took the lead with their edgy graffiti-inspired ensembles that came with a punch of pop culture. Coco Cola’s collection was a denim lineup with bold graffiti prints sprayed across oversized denim jackets, wide palazzo pants and the classic washed denim jacket. Ellus 2nd Floor showcased a few notable pieces that harbored some serious that was quirk-perfect for any DC comic fan with references to Batman, Catwoman and the Joker. The collection had a range of overalls, vestdresses, tees and noodle strap dresses that fueled a statement-making show. These radical pieces are easy to decode to partner up with midi skirts, denims and even pleated skirts.

Coca Cola 2017Ellus 2nd Floor

Not convinced you can pull it off? Maybe some street style inspo might help trigger a few style ideas. Also, how laid-back-hip does Jessica Alba look on her coffee run?

You can also take a peek into our files for curated looks that will give your denims a cool “sketchy” update. Just remember, this look is about unleashing all that creativity- kind of the like the days you DIY-ed your jeans.


Image credits: The Impression, Vogue, Pinterest, Harpers Bazaar, Fashion Bomb Daily