What’s that one thing in your wardrobe that you can’t live without? It probably took you less than 2 seconds to think, ‘Of course my favourite pair of jeans!’. That’s how it is for all of us. But maybe it’s time to give them a little makeover or get yourself a new favourite. Because, this season you’re either going all-in with your pair or you are all-out.

This is what your favourite pair should look like in Fall 2017.



If you are quite the fashionista who loves to experiment, we haven’t run out of options for you. Because ripped jeans maybe old news but their sequel — embroidered denims are here to save the day!



Here’s one trend that’s perfect for all the DIY lovers out there. Why toss your old jeans out, when you can give them an instant facelift? We’re talking about stitching on patches in a contrasting colour or a statement print so that you have your very own piece of this hot trend.



Skinny jeans have reigned long enough. So, it was time to crown the new babe on the block — flared denims. Comfort is surely the new sexy and this is the way to go.

Staggered hems


For a truly raw look, pick up a pair of denims with a staggered hem. Or simply cut the hem of your favourite pair. Don’t worry about the fraying, that’s good too. Which brings me to the next one…

Frayed hems


This one is a classic back in action! We’re talking about frayed hem jeans. They are to the new season, what distressed denims were for the last season. Do you get the drift?

Ruffled hems


Ruffles are a cute addition to anything, even to a pair of jeans. You can wear them around the hems, to the side seams or to even the waistband. You name it, it’s there and its super stylish.

 Tasseled hems


Just when you thought there wasn’t another way to use tassels, you find them on your jeans too. But nothing to complain here because they give a sweet finish to your whole in-style look.

 Lace-up denims


Gone are the days when lace-ups were limited to corsets. A little late, but we are happy to see lace-ups on jeans all set to compete with the rest of the trends mentioned here.

So, this season it’s all about experimenting with your pair of jeans. The riskier the style, the better. There are a lot of styles riding on the hem of your jeans. Frayed, tasseled, ruffled, the options are numerous and the outcome is always, uber-cool.

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Images courtesy: www.popsugar.com, www.whowwhatwear.com, www.pinterest.com