Think you are a real fashionista? Let’s play a quick game, then. You get the answer right and we shall agree! Fair?

Here it is goes –

Which trend comes in red, white or navy (oops! we dropped an extra hint there!) and loves stripes?

If ocean comes to mind, then Nautical is the right answer!

We’ll hand this one to you, but hey let’s be honest. Chances are that even our mums would have gotten it right!

Allow us to explain… This trend is so old (and gold!), that it’s been a hit for years. You may not realise it but chances are that you wear several styles everyday, not knowing it’s a part of this trend.

Today, let’s see what’s changed and what’s new with this trend, this time around –


Image 1_People_Nautical Trend

Who doesn’t like a chic dress or a T-shirt in good ol’ stripes? We sure loved the classic look, but here’s the new avatar of stripes trending this season – the ’variegated stripes’. Go uneven on the stripes and you have your own pick of this hot trend. Don’t forget to add a pop of colour in contrast to your outfit with the right accessories. Now, you are all set for a vacation, or at least it feels like one, doesn’t it?

NAUTICAL VIBESImage 2_People_Nautical trend

Catching the nautical vibe, yet? The trend has more to offer than regular stripes per se, e.g. the schiffli or the crochet. If you are a fan, go all in with these styles. Sport them on layers, dresses or even pants! What else gets an affirmative nod this season? Feminine silhouettes! Think off-shoulders and flowy dresses for that chic summer look.


Image 3_People_Nautical Trend

The nautical trend is turning out to be a lot more fun than you thought it would be, isn’t it? Well, here’s a bit more to spike your interest! Sketchy-graphics make a huge style statement, too. Go for funky nautical-inspired graphics on tees and team them with shorts for a super trendy look. You can also opt for rivet tie-ups and scalloped-hemmed dresses or tops & feel like a true nautical princess!


Image 4_People_Nautical Trend

Boys, here’s one for you to sport like a sailor! The classic white and navy stripes come with a hint of aqua this time. Pair a striped tee with uber-cool paper-bag bottoms to ride the nautical wave in style! If that isn’t enough riding, throw on a navy peacoat on a white and aqua striped T-shirt for a look that scores.

This ageless trend is clearly here to stay for a while. Pick your favourites and sport them in style this summer.

Did you like this post? Which trends are you sailing away with from here? Let us know all about it in the comments section below!

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