Well, the name pretty much says it all! This trend-driven style aims to bring an urban spin to traditional tribal aesthetics. With the neo-tribal look, designers promise you the newest style statement by first deconstructing elements stemming from deep tribal roots and then modernizing them with artistic perfection. Now, if you’re trying to find those elusive little adjectives that best describe this trend, the buzzwords you’re looking for are classic, eclectic and contemporary. But its free-spirited joie de vivre is what makes its appeal absolutely irresistible.


Now that you know just how strongly we feel about this trend, it’s no surprise that we’ve got it covered for you! As a little style treat, we’ve not only reinterpreted tribal patterns but have brought them to life through a flurry of vibrant colour accents. Some of our undeniably edgy must-haves include the raglan sleeve variety, the upbeat tank tee and the one featuring geometric patterns combined with animal forms.

What really serves as the cherry on the top is this range’s ability to mold familiar traditional patterns into something so new and youthful without damaging a strand of its inherent richness.

So, if you haven’t already – it’s time to ditch your oh-so-regular graphic tees for tribal-influenced treasures! And in case you’re feeling a li’l adventurous, come join us on an exotic journey through our curated collection here and experience its echoing multicultural beat first-hand!

Image credit: Pinterest