Structured silhouettes, move over, now’s the time to relax and go all ‘normcore’. Think Senfield.

For those of you wondering what this latest un-trend means, take a look at the street photographs of any fashion week or a busy NY junction. Tee, jeans, sport shoes or Birkenstocks, and out-of-bed-hair.


A mash-up of the words ‘normal’ and ‘hardcore’, normcore is all about anti-fit silhouettes and relaxed dressing (finally!). Popularised by trend forecasting group K-Hole in 2013, the word refers to an attitude of “finding liberation in being nothing special”.

Strange as it sounds, this anti-style movement is now the vanguard of fashion. Think “dad denims”, varsity-inspired motifs, neutral colour palettes, relaxed fits and white kicks. But, hold on, just because the individual elements of the trend sound old-shcool, that doesn’t mean you have to dress like mum and dad!

Instead, take a cue from the fashion bigwigs and industry insiders to up the ante of your ‘anonymous’ dressing. Let’s decode some of the key pieces that these trend-setters are using to pull off this bland, anti-fashion sentiment.

  1. Oversized silhouettes – Boxy and relaxed, silhouettes that ditch anything that hugs your body a little too close. For instance, take the classic white shirt in a size bigger and pair it with your boyfriend’s jeans and add on a pair of slip-on shoes. Tada!
  2. White sneakers – Forget the 6-inch heels or pretty ballerinas- white kicks in their most “basic” style are your new everyday staple! Wear them with your anti-fit pieces to kick back in normcore style. white-sneakers-normcore
  3. Quirky shades – Not only are they useful in protecting your peepers from the sun but they also lend a tres-chic vibe to any outfit. Stick to classic sunglasses like Lennon sunnies or Wayfarers to pull-off this look effortlessly.
  4. Baseball caps – Another piece that will add major normcore fashion cred to your fastidiously functional outfit is the baseball cap. Not only will it give you an aura of anonymity but you’ll also get a nod from the Brooklyn gang.
  5. Deconstructed jackets – A major way to switch up the look for the season is to throw on an oversized jacket in a slouchy fit. Take inspiration from these ladies to get your look right. Or just go utilitarian and add some functionality to your style. normcore-jackets-1280x6276. Minimal makeup – Calm down ladies! Minimal makeup does not mean you have to forego all your fabulous beauty products and use only a lippy. Keep the look to a bare minimum – try natural-looking makeup with a hint of blush and liner but ditch the Kimmy contouring.Follow these 6 rules, and we promise a look that’s so “basic”, you’ll actually blend in. Remember the idea is to look effortlessly mod while pulling off this year’s biggest trend. Take note, there is a difference between Plain Jane and normcore- you don’t want to be a ‘nobody’ right?Tell us what you think of this easy-chic style while we put our feet up (in our flat nondescript shoes, of course) and enjoy the anonymity that comes with dressing like everybody else.                                 Image credits:  Pinterest