Who’s in for a game of ‘dare, double dare’? A disclaimer before we start though. Play at your own risk! We take absolutely no responsibility for you attracting excessive attention or being the next trendsetter of your gang! But then again, it’s nothing you fashionistas couldn’t handle, right?

The challenge straight from the runway this time, is the peek-a-boo trend!

Sure, it’s been around for a while. But contrary to its name, we assure you, it’s no child’s play this season. Alright, let’s get down to business and show you just how to flaunt this one right –


Who doesn’t like a tad bit of drama in their clothing?

Girls, now is the time to go over-the-edge and make a statement – with sheer layers! Take out those matching separates and show it off, big time under embroidered or printed sheers. Go as short or as long, however you’d prefer your layers!



Just when you thought you’ve mastered the bralette trend!

Well this time, it’s all about making your bralette see the world! Trust us, there’s no wrong way of wearing this one. Sport it under racer-back tops, jumpsuits, or even knit tees for an easy-going look.



Ever-so-sexy fishnet stockings, anyone? Time to finally flaunt them the way they were meant to be! Forget hiding them under ripped jeans or long dresses this season. Pair them up with your denim skirts/ shorts or take them solo with your oversized boyfriend tees to capture the true sense of this trend!



Denim lovers, we give you yet another reason to hold on to your worn-out denims! It’s time to switch your experimental mode on and get DIY’ing to stay on top of trendz.

How about something that makes wearing a denim jacket in the hot summer work? Here’s our advice for you – Rip, cut and leave a few seams unstitched! When it’s wild enough to suit your style, wear it with your clean denims and labelled-strap sports bra.



Then there are those days when you just cannot make up your mind…. Shorts, skirt or a dress?

How about a fun mix of the sweet and the sexy? Wear your sheer dress over your shorts or a skirt, and get ready to garner some serious attention! Mix and match with any separates in your wardrobe for an easy, free-spirited look.



Ripped denims and shaded stockings? That’s so last season!

This time around, allow us to introduce you to the new bad boy we like to call – the denim trouble. This one’s here to give you enough chances to show off your best assets and those branded inners!

And if this one’s too much for you, try your luck with appliqued leggings that are equally in trend.



While we are still on the subject of showing off, here’s one that takes it in its literal sense. The translucent trend! Go head-to-toe in translucent clothing or layer it over your fav tee and shorts. But make sure you match it with the right prints and solids cos there’s no hiding with this one!

There you go, all the daring trends of this season from runway to the streets!

Now go ahead… and try one! Or tag your friends and sport these trends as a group. Once you nail the look, let us know all about it in the comments below.

Image sources: www.pinterest.com, WGSN