Do you ever feel like you’ve so much to tell the world and not enough opportunities to do that? We get it, ladies. The smarty-pants that you are, people should listen to you more often. And we may have just the thing for you this season. A trend that lets you speak your heart out! The fashion world is totally digging the new ‘Maximalism’ trend. Loud prints, strong slogans, cheeky graphics, whatever you want girl! Just be sure to go extreme with it.

They say, ‘actions speak louder than words.’ In this case it’s prints that’s doing more than the talking.

We have shortlisted 4 key prints that you will see on the streets throughout this month and on. Enjoy!


Image 1

Drama queens, meet your true match – the bold and artistic, brushstroke print!

Seriously, sometimes catching attention demands extreme measures. If losing the spotlight is not on schedule, share it with this one, we say.

This dramatic and oh so modern print has been spotted at the fashion weeks in colour tones ranging from darks to pastels. But always with an attitude!


Image 2

Think stripes are old news? Well, watch them take on your millennials and laces out on the streets.

The good old stripes are here with a twist. Multidirectional, outright vertical and even mixing stripes of varying sizes are hits this season. Sport them on anything from shift dresses to ruffled dresses or go head-to-toe in stripes with paper-bag waist trousers and a matching top.


Image 3

What’s blooming this season? All sorts of florals – Micro to embroidered, 60s to pop, florals in all shapes and forms are going big. If it helps, go ahead and mix them up to take it up a notch.

From the runway to the streets, we have seen them on almost every piece of clothing. Well let’s just say, this one’s here to stay!

What’s the wait then? Dig in to your closet and show those florals some light!


Image 4

Wink wink ?

Don’t blame us if your clothes don’t behave well this season. Anything from flirting and swearing to sarcasm is uber-cool to sport on your clothes!

Doodles and motifs of stars and eyes to bugs and birds, it’s a go! The only advice–

Quirkier the graphics, the better!

Apart from prints, check out our 2 bonus trends for the season – boxy silhouettes and ruffle detailing.

Dressy, your style? Then give boxy silhouettes a try. You can carry it off throughout the day, from work into a party and still look good.

On the other hand, ruffle details give the outfit a very chic and feminine look. Stylish and elegant, the ruffle detailing is a complete win-win.

Ready to shine ladies? Share this article with your friends and sport these trends in style this season. And, once you’ve nailed it (which you surely will), tell us all about it in the comments section below.