Okay, first… let’s wish you a very Happy Siblings Day!

What? Like there’s an actual day to celebrate all that madness you and your siblings unleash on the world?

Consider it your lucky day to blame any tricks you play for the next few hours, on the Siblings Day! We suggest playing with your crazy half, or quarter (if there’s a bundle of joy at home ?), and not against them.

Before you take a go at it, here are a few crazy, famous and stylish siblings around the world for the necessary fashion inspiration–


Isn’t it just plain annoying when your older sibling acts like they are the boss of you? And then, gives you advices on how to live? ?

Well, we bet you wouldn’t mind if it came with sharing some spotlight! Here’s one who inspired not just her siblings on stage, but a lot of her fans offstage too.

Dua Lipa, the British singer introduced her siblings on stage at Brit Awards 2018. She even encouraged them to follow their dreams without fear as her song goes… We thought it was really sweet.

If you are a fan of experimental clothing, then Dua is the one to watch out for. Rest assured, your siblings shall follow!


Siblings Day

Following them on social media? If you are not, then it’s a total-miss!

One thing the ‘K’ sisters have long established? A love for fashion and flaunting it like pros as a team!

Are you feeling inspired yet? Score today as sibling divas out on the streets in matching picture-perfect outfits!

Here’s one of their photo-shoots for inspiration.  Recreate one for the day with your siblings, and you can thank us later!


Siblings Day

You know what they say – Families that walk the runway together, stay together. At least, that’s the case with the Hadids.

The trio has always been seen supporting each other in their careers and on public forums. Seriously, we think they set the perfect example, if you are looking for sibling goals.

If that isn’t enough reason to follow them, then here’s another. Their outfits are always drool-worthy, and they are big on effortless styling too (in case you were wondering).


Siblings Day

Of course, we all know the hotties, Chris and Liam Hemsworth. But, did you know they have an equally noteworthy brother Luke Hemsworth. Must say, they have taken over the Hollywood as a team!

On Siblings Day, check the bros out on social media for some neat fashion tips! Their classy-slash-cool looks are not to be missed, if you are looking to stay on top of the game.


Siblings Day

Well give us a ‘like’, if you have a relative who cannot tell you and your sibling apart! You are an inch taller and so much smarter… we know! ?

Here’s a celebrity who shares a similar fate. Need a bit of an introduction or do you already know Victoria Justice?  This American actress is a star of many TV shows, notably the ‘eye candy’.

Her followers have been seriously confused with her recent posts featuring a look-alike identity posing alongside her. Any guesses? Of course, the little sister!

Fashion-wise? They earn brownies for teen’s easy-casuals style. Follow them for the right inspirations, especially if you have a look-alike sibling!

If your siblings are not with you on this special day, share this article with them to make them feel special and to let them know that they are truly missed.

Did you like this post? Let us know, how your siblings reacted to the idea of celebrating this day in the comments section below.

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