Diwali is over but not the celebration. “It’s party time again!”. Those words just get you and your friends, don’t they? Well, winter is coming and those who love to unwind after hours are beginning to stock up their wardrobe! Since you’re the kind who just can’t do without parties and all the pizzazz associated with it, here are a few looks that are sure to make you impress, dazzle, and floor everyone around you! Can’t wait to begin? Well, let’s roll!


Look 1

A patterned grey cardigan paired with a shimmer printed top, elegant blue denim, and high-heeled boots certainly constitute a simmering cocktail, correct? Prepare to stand out as this ensemble is suitable for fun after hours and roaming around the city streets with friends.

Winter Forest

Look 2

Layering up isn’t your idea of dazzling at a party? No problem! Wear a grey off-shoulder top with light blue denims and sneakers. Carry a tote bag along to store your essentials in style!

Winter Forest look2



Laced patterns are firmly in vogue and set to make you grab attention during party season. Tap into this fever by slipping into a black dress with a laced hem for added effect. Wear it with a black leather jacket and a matching pair of high-heeled boots to inspire awe with ease. Carry along a grey handbag-clutch combo to store your essentials.

Dark Lace Trend


Look 1

Guys Listen! Lounge parties are soon to be thrown every night and the shout-out is for a look that’s hip, trendy, and uber-cool. The hottest trend for men this season is ‘Going camo’ with jackets and shirts defined by a military undertone and utility inspired silhouette. You can wear an olive jacket with a white tee, black chinos, and canvas shoes to set the stage for a night to remember!

Camo Crush

Look 2

Street strolls and parties tend to follow each other, right? Prep yourself for a combo that helps your relish the fun of both these activities! Hoodies are always in fashion and what better than a camouflaged hooded jacket to lead the way? Pair it up with a black tee, black jogger pants, and white sneakers to blaze through the night with total spunk!

Camo Crush look2



Look 1

Revelling with panache in the city, as mentioned earlier is an amazing way to unwind… particularly after a party! Wear a black jacket with a grey tee, black denims, and sneakers for a look that literally defines ‘cool’.

CN Look 1 light

Look 2

Sometimes, a touch of biker flair is all you need to rev yourself up for a scintillating night. A light PU jacket accomplishes that, with ease. Wear one with a white tee, black jogger pants, and patterned black sneakers to dominate proceedings!

CN look2 lght

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