Short sleeves, long sleeves, cap sleeves? Not anymore. They answer to much fancier names these days. Can something as simple as sleeves make much difference to your style? Judging by the runway trends, sleeves sure are making a bold statement this season.

Drama around these statement sleeves are worth falling in love with. Save a spot for these trends in your wardrobe to spice up your casual look.

1. Asymmetric Sleeves

Fold over asymmetric sleeves are trending big whether they are in checks, solids or with bold patterns. If being in trend isn’t enough reason, these sleeves are also structured to create an impression of a long neck by accentuating your shoulders. Now you know why this one made it first on the list. Don’t you? Team it with stylized trousers or culottes with a fitted waist to express your style.

1.Asymmetric Sleeves

2. Layered Ruffle Sleeves

If you are looking for ways to add volume to your upper frame, layered ruffled sleeves are the way to go. With ruffles and layers thrown into the mix, you are sure to have a look that brings emphasis to your upper body. Pair it with skinny jeans or skirts for a look that’s sure to grab attention.

2.Layered Ruffle Sleeves

3. Bell Sleeves

Bell sleeves give you a very elegant and stylish look. Inspired from the 70s, these sleeves have taken over the street style with a modern twist. Making the rounds through the fashion weeks, these sleeves are a must-have for the season. Style it with wrap around skirts or comfortable denims for a chic look.

3.Bell Sleeves

4. Off Shoulder Sleeves

Perfectly designed to show-off your collar bones, you couldn’t get enough of the off-shoulder trend. These sleeves have made it back on the ramp this season with flares and ruffled detailing. Sport this trend on a top with your favourite pair of denims or skirts to flaunt your beautiful shoulders.

4.Off Shoulder Sleeves

5. Lantern sleeves

Here is a sleeve trend that’s made its way through the history to still stand proud on the ramps. Are you all in for the bohemian style? Then this trend was made just for you. You can pair it with denim shorts or a skirt. You can also try this trend on a dress with gladiator loafers to satisfy your inner bohemian goddess.

5.Lantern sleeves

6. Cape sleeves

Who thought wearing your jacket lazily over your shoulders could inspire a trend. They sure are making it big on the runways this season. Classy in style and easy to layer, call them magical sleeves! Throw it over your casual ensemble to create a semi-formal look.

6.Cape sleeves

7. Cold Shoulder Sleeves

They have always been there and are still trending with slight modifications in their cold-shoulder cuts and shapes. You don’t really have to work too hard styling them. Pair these trendy tops with distressed jeans or denim skirts for an effortless style.

7.Cold Shoulder Sleeves

8. Bishop Sleeves

Sounds religious. Doesn’t it? We assure you, these sleeves are not as innocent as they may sound. They have constantly outshined a few of their sleeve counterparts to be running off and on the runways in bold and simple styles for quite some time now. Team it with your skinny jeans to accentuate your upper frame and create an elegant look.

8.Bishop Sleeves

9. Butterfly Sleeves

Would you rather go for a statement style than show-off your curves in a bodycon dress? Then these butterfly sleeve dresses and tops are a must-have for you. Worn with a pair of tan boots, they will instantly elevate your casual ensemble.

9.Butterfly Sleeves

10. Balloon Sleeves

These balloon sleeves are as interesting as it looks. Packed with all the drama that you could ask for; these sleeves have a cartoonish edge to the way it falls. Club it with your casual pants or denims to make a unique style statement.

10.Balloon Sleeves

Create a drama around your ensemble and look absolutely chic by styling it your way. And let these outfits do all the talking for you. Now that you have the best of the latest sleeve trends to experiment with, try them with tops and dresses in plain or bold prints to create a statement of your own. So, what are you waiting for let’s get it started!

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