Do you have the S.O.D a.k.a, the Shoes Obsession Disorder? Hey, it’s a real thing!

Alright… we made that up, but in our defence, it could be real.

Do you have a ‘footdrobe’ larger than you will ever need? Do you keep buying new ones even when you have no space left? Do you not part with any of your shoes, no matter what?

Welcome to the club!

The only solution to the problem? Find that one magic pair of footwear that works perfectly on any outfit. Well, it’s not that hard to find as you may think. We may have just the thing for you. Think, tan!

Tan really is a super colour that works splendidly with anything! Why invest in 5 different pairs, when one smart pair will do it for you just right?

Here’s how to sport this one in absolute style this summer –


Fashionistas, are you ready to meet your new favourite, tan? Nailing that well put-together outfit becomes a cakewalk with this one.

Here are our top 3 for your inspiration –

Ankle boots


An essential like boots ought to be in a flexible colour like tan. One in leather or suede works to leave an impression any day. A pair of tan coloured ankle boots complements any outfit. You can go for one with heels for a slightly more sexy look or one without it for comfort.

Strappy sandals & heels 


From a casual outing to a beach party, a pair of strappy sandals in tan will add that extra “oomph” to your look. It works well with ripped jeans, skirts or even shorts. Is making a statement, on your agenda? Then team it with a boldly coloured dress in red or electric blue and a matching sling bag. You can also try cute toe accessories or neon nail paints to make the look even more interesting.



Loafers are an everyday favourite. Get one in tan, and girl you’re sorted! From work to brunch dates or just a casual movie, tan loafers will keep your feet in a sweet comfortable spot. Go ahead and sport them with jeans, dresses or even maxi skirts, they work just fine in any case!


Cool and comfortable – That’s the perfect equation for a footwear to have! Here are our top 3 that gets this balance just right. And of course, when we say ‘cool’, they need to be in tan!



A neat casual look with minimal effort, the kind of thing you are looking for? Tan sandals are the way to go then! Team them with jeans, cargo trousers, shorts or even joggers to spread those super relaxed vibes over the weekend!


Picture 5


Who doesn’t fancy giving off that classy cowboy charm every once in a while? Go ahead and get a pair of tan boots for a stylish retro-inspired look. Take the classy route and sport them with a plaid shirt and dark jeans, or the bad boy look with a graphic tee and ripped jeans.



High on versatility and comfort, low on maintenance – that’s the way this one works. A pair of tan loafers is suitable for a busy day at college, or for a long day at work with multiple tasks on your list. Sport them with minimalist outfits, and you can take them from business to casual settings with absolute ease!

And that’s how tan coloured footwear saves the world! Are you ready to bring versatility to your footwear collection?

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