The idea of wearing your mood gets a whole new twist when a slogan tee is thrown into the equation. Whether it’s a political opinion, stance on global topics, or love for quirky fictional characters, slogan tees have always (in street parlance) “nailed it!”.

Well, there’s no secret science behind slogan tees but there are themes that do define this form of expression. Curious? Let’s take a look:

Love Thyselfgirl power slogan tees

Selfies and distinct narcissism (we’re all guilty of it) go a long way to make a statement.  Noticeable across millions of snaps and shares on social media, scores of individuals literally wear their heart on their sleeve with messages of “positive” thinking making a statement too hard to ignore. In the words of Biebs, just “go ahead and love yourself”.

Distressedslogan tee trend men

 If you’re not already cued in on the whole frayed and torn look, you’re potentially earning your spot as a damsel in distress (quite literally). Follow the distress trend and give your slogan tees an edgy appeal by picking pieces with frayed threads, cutouts and distressed finishes that scream hardcore style. Also, we love the undertone “street”appeal.

Inclusive statementsslogan tee trend women

The bolder the font, the bigger the statement, right? Big, bold typography takes centre stage when you’re out to express your views – political, style or both. These tees cover every hot topic under the sun from economics to world peace and much much more. While certain topics can be inflammatory (read:burn), the best statement tees are those that are edgy and inclusive.

Multi-lingotrend slogan tees

Think big, think global. Designers are taking a global approach to their work by including various cultural cues that (literally speaking) have a mass appeal. This is defined by typography in different languages such as Russian, Mandarin, and much more. Borderline babel, these tees seem unusual but definitely reflect one’s knack for exploring tender nuances across multiple languages. Capish?

Eco- consciouseco tees trendBecause saving the world in style is legit the best way forward! These tees are no longer restricted to bland statements by tree-hugger unions but carry persuasive text to protect our world. They are loud, captivating, and aimed at fostering a better environment for tomorrow. Just make sure your tees are actually sustainably made (duh!).

In basic, slogan tees are on this season’s hot list of style must haves and the ones who sport these spunky tees with aplomb have a simmering flair for street style. Alia, Cara Delevigne, and Sarah Jessica Parker prove slogan tees are oh-so-cool and how! The message is loud and clear- slogan tees are a street style essential.

alia bhatt slogan tee trendslogan tees street style

Your Statements, Your Style

For a casual timeout at a restaurant over the weekend, guys who have a taste for all-things-street can wear a white T-shirt along with a pair of khaki trousers and sneakers. From Metallica to cryptic phrases, pick one that speaks your mind.

As for the girls, wear yours with a pair of distressed jeans and a bomber jacket for a street-ready look. Or go all out feminine and wear your slogan tee with a tulle skirt a la Christian Dior for a tee-refic look.slogan tee and tulle skirt

Btw, what slogan would you wear on your tee? Do tell and comment in the section below. Pronto.


Image credits: Look, WGSN, FashionPulseDaily, Pinterest, HelloShopping, Buzzsouk