They say, trends may bottom. We say, bottoms on men must always trend!

With that little declaration, let’s get down to the part where we can talk about ways to get out of tight spots, and find some great styles that help pull-off the right look down under. The better part – as usual, we’ve made it easy enough to dive right into your wardrobe to try some of our tips.


Trendiest Bottomwear

Chinos are typically so beige, one can be forgiven to think they are a colour! Let’s fix that this season, for coloured chinos are in and boy, they are versatile! Pair a favourite colour with a crew-neck t-shirt of a complementary shade and a braided belt that match the ensemble. Wrap it all up with a pair of front- laced canvas shoes and a sporty watch for that perfectly easy look.


Trendiest Bottomwear

Partying one of these nights? Here’s how to get in by standing out in a pair of easy joggers. Score high on style when you team them up with a statement printed tee and a pair of sporty shoes. Add a light-weight jacket to your look – wild season or not, rest assured that you will be late for the morning jog the next day.


Trendiest Bottomwear

The best thing about old classics is how they effortlessly help create new looks. Team your all-day denims with a crisp white shirt (classic) or try a patterned or quirky sweater that will keep you warm. Add a neatly crafted watch & a pair of sporty white shoes.
Need more quirk? Throw in a plain/textured tie if you wish to experiment a bit.


Trendiest Bottomwear

Up for a quick style tip? Grab a pair of your regular trousers, along with a solid/printed shirt and your favourite pair of white sneakers. There, you are already half way through! Now comes the kicker – roll up the bottom and shirt sleeves to instantly create a whole new look. Add a strappy watch to the look and you are done! Now that was easy. Wasn’t it?


Trendiest Bottomwear

Shorts are not everyone’s cuppa tea, they say. Oh, we do not agree with them then. Blend in by teaming a basic pair of cotton/denim shorts with a crew-neck tee and throw a shirt of your choice over that. Finish the look with a pair of sporty sneakers and a sporty watch.

Easy stuff, these tips aren’t they? Well they are intended to be. The “EFFORTLESS” bit in effortless style calls for it!

How easy is it going to be for you? Try something out of your closet and share with us! We’d love to see!

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