The brave ones counter – who cares about the same old boring Valentine’s Day? Pssst… You can let us in on your secret and we promise not to tell a soul. You know why? Because we know that deep down, maybe you care. Even if you didn’t, there’s no escaping the blaring red hues, mushy love songs and sight of them mushy couples walking around hand-in-hand!

Help, however is close at hand. If you are destined to be just the bird (as against being a lovebird) this valentine, we’ve got ideas that are just right to make the day a big day, any way you look at it!

With who? You, of course! Today, the only person you need to impress is yourself.


Valentine's Day Styles

Ah! The fragrant candles, soothing oils and bath salts sound like a delicious treat, doesn’t it? Maybe that’s all you need for the perfect day. Book a stay at a resort with a beautiful view and a few other perks. After all, a day in a sea of bubbles with your favourite music and a book should drown out even the dreariest problems that the world holds! Switch off your phone while you’re at it and get set for some serious soul pampering.


Valentine's Day Styles

If you’ve been thinking of getting something special for yourself for a while, let V-day be that day. Hey, look at it this way – you could spend for two on just yourself, and not feel bad about it! Second, it’s the perfect day to buy that RomCom DVD, without getting judged. Splurge on yourself, we say – without a “second” thought!


Valentine's Day Styles

You know how many furry cuties get left out this day? Thousands. You know what’s sadder – their place gets taken by furry toys, instead! That’s just so unfair! Take your pet out, for they are a favourite pal any time of the year. Or hey, be a good wingman and look after a pal’s pet, if that helps your friend find some “we” time elsewhere. Feeling generous? Find a kennel and make a whole bunch happy!


Valentine's Day Styles

Not cool that the idea of chill is so grossly misrepresented in today’s day and age. Well who needs the chills, when there are ways to keep warm indoors?

Sitting it out at home? Find a great series to binge on, or a wrap up that book you’ve been meaning to read, if that’s more your thing. It’s that time of the year when a little sunshine and a cozy blanket literally calls for it. Order in, skip the dishes and make this whole affair a lot more sweeter!


Valentine's Day Styles

Do you know how many sequels exist for Star Wars? Maybe you do. Do you know the exact order? Hey don’t bet on it.. it can confuse the strongest souls out there.

Take the time if you so wish to crack that starry code, then. Find a favourite movie series and pull out all the stops, binging sequels after sequel. Feeling adventurous? Try the Omen Series! Don’t fear the pop, though – it’s just the popcorn!


Valentine's Day Styles

Did your bestie get ditched? Or is she chilling just the way you are. You may as well combine forces and double the fun firepower. Go ahead and find ways to relax with your partner in crime! Book a date at a favourite spa, go watch & judge people at the mall, fake a relationship to get that valentine discount somewhere – whatever you do, you know that you can do it better than any couple out there. Why? Because besties don’t need to put up a front! Be you. Rather, be the “two of you” and make the day shine!


Valentine's Day Styles

Solo flying is the best time to consider doing things that are otherwise difficult to handle with pals and partners. Figure out that new art museum, explore the market nook you always wanted. And hey, while you are there, who knows – you may find someone with the same creative bent like you! Opportunities knock at opportune moments, and you couldn’t be better prepared to get knocked over!


Valentine's Day Styles

You know who’s single on Valentine’s? The Cupid, for one!

Here’s how you could play cupid, if not his victim. Plan a V-day gig at home. Hook up your playlist and ask all your single pals to come with their own. Who knows, sparks may fly! Although be careful to ascertain that those aren’t emanating from an overburdened music system! You may just end up featuring on a few scrapbooks as “the-person-whose-party-we-met-at”.

Word of caution, though. Don’t forget to warn the neighbours. “Love” thy neighbour is apparently a thing, you know.


Valentine's Day Styles

If all else fails, queue up at the nearest Valentine’s party. Statistically speaking, 62% of all couples out there end up getting into a fight. A golden opportunity in our opinion for those standing in the queue, we say. OK, we made that up entirely but hey getting a drink for “two of one” could only hurt so much.

Can you think of more ideas to celebrate singleness this February 14th? If you do, then write to us in the comments below. Some of us sure can use a few 😀


Pic Credit:, Shutterstock