We have our wardrobe favourites and then the not-so-favourites. We tend to have a love-hate relationship with the latter. Looks good on its own but impossible to pair with. Right?

Well, not really.

While some of them may look like a fashion experiment gone wrong but made it to the runway anyway; if styled right, you will have some great outfits in hand. Here’s how it’s done –


We’ve all tried one of these and concluded the person who made it, was definitely out of his mind. What was he thinking! It makes you look like a walking-torch blazing the hallways. But turns out, he wasn’t crazy after all. Not convinced? Here’s how you do it.

Fashion Trends - Neon

Pair it with neutral colours like black and grey. Or play it cool with patterns like stripes or dots. But be warned, neon grabs attention. So, get ready to be in the spotlight ladies!


Shine your way to fame or pave your way to shame in shimmer clothing. There is no in-between when it comes to this one. It’s a fine line between you owning the look and the look owning you.

Fashion Trends - Shimmer

The trick is to choose colours that complement your complexion rather than overpower it. Style, it with pieces that tone it down and tie the look together. Go easy on the accessories with this one!

Check out a few from People here.


Our friend, peplum here has made quite a few foes even before making it to the center stage. They are seriously misunderstood pieces. If you find the right fit and style, you will have a winner in hand.

Fashion Trends - Peplum

The solution? The fitted portion of the peplum should accentuate your waist. Move it further up or down, you miss the point. Also, the length and the fall makes a whole lot of difference. You don’t want one fluttering up above your hip messing with your hip curve!

Baggy pants

We were all in for sexy-in-skinny for a while now. Who knew, they were bringing back our old nemesis, the baggy pants. Drama aside, they can actually make you look like a diva with a little trick or two.

Fashion Trends - Baggy Pants

Go higher on the waist to create an illusion of longer legs. Also, tuck in your top or opt for a crop top so that you have the perfect balance with fit on the top and flares at the bottom.

Oversized layering

Oversized layers like cardigans, sweaters and coats are trending big but they can be quite difficult to style. Oversized anything for that matter will make you disappear behind all those layers. You don’t want to look like your wardrobe ate you up for breakfast. But they are so comfortable and at the same time super stylish. And being comfortable never goes out of style!

Fashion Trends - Cardigan

Avoid wearing them with other oversized pieces, like baggy trousers or bulky tops. Instead bring the focus to your silhouette with a fitted number. A slim dress or skinny jeans and boots will do the trick just fine. You can also play with the length by incorporating a skirt or shorts to your ensemble. Pep up your look by layering with neutral colours over neon or get an interesting twist by layering a bright printed shrug over monochromes.

There you have it. Try these nifty tricks and you will soon have new favourites. Why stick to the old ones when you can change?

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